About Connecting Families to Communities

Stronger Families = Stronger Communities

mission statement

The Connecting Families initiative is committed to improving the quality of life for families through a combination of informal case management and community/neighborhood development.

vision statement

To create stronger families that are self-sufficient and actively engaged in their community.

Program description

Connecting Families to Communities utilizes one-on-one coaching, small groups, and educational seminars to improve family well-being in Millville, NJ. Family Advocates work with families to establish action plans and assist them in obtaining the goals and objectives in their plan. Connecting Families' "Community Builders" work to connect families with community leaders in conducting community assessments and working with families on designing a plan for their neighborhood.

strategic objectives

The Connecting Families to Communities initiative operates with the following five strategic objectives:

  1. Financial Stability - Work with families to determine and accomplish their financial goals.
  2. Improve Child Well-Being – Increase academic achievement, healthy behaviors, and participation in healthy activities.
  3. Healthy Relationships – Increase communication within the family unit, the school system, and the community.
  4. Community Involvement – Increase participation in the community as well as pride and ownership in the community.
  5. Collaboration/Partnership – Support families holistically through coordination of resources and developed partnerships to ensure family success.


Brett Clendaniel Jr., Project Contact


Website: www.cfcmillville.org