About the Family Day of Service

Families that volunteer together, grow together


The Family Day of Service is an event where families join together to participate in meaningful volunteer projects. Adults, children, and students are given the opportunity to serve alongside one another while giving back to their local community. 


To increase service by inspiring individuals to create, lead, or participate in volunteer projects; to improve relationships within the family unit through shared volunteer experiences. 


The Family Day of Service aims to engage thousands of families in meaningful volunteer projects on an annual basis so that they will see the benefits and develop a habit of regularly serving together. 

2016 accomplishments

  • 48 projects
  • 1,492 volunteers
  • 3,409 hours served
  • 15,128 meals made
  • 6 counties
  • $7,180 raised
  • 130 pairs of shoes made

This event was a huge blessing to my family. My 6-year-old had a blast helping out. I love that we can help children all over the world in such a practical way. It was such a great learning experience for my children, my husband, and me.
— Michelle Bannio


Linnea Luzzo, Project Contact


Website: www.familydayofservice.org