One Life. One Story. One Change at a Time. 

Founded in 2014, the United Advocacy Group was formed as an innovative effort to follow a systematic approach of life coaching and education to improve financial stability, child wellbeing, general wellbeing, family stability, and life preparedness among the community it serves.

Hundreds of schools, places of worship, and community-based organizations across South Jersey serve and interact with thousands of youth and families every day.  The United Advocacy Group model is designed to partner alongside front-line organizations and strengthen their capacity to serve youth and families within their midst.  The United Advocacy Group model is based on the idea that youth and families are more likely to embrace direct services that are delivered through a place or organization where they are already involved such as: a church a family has attended for generations, a school where students regularly participate in enrichment activities, or community-based organizations where individuals are heavily invested. 

This effort started in southern New Jersey but has plans to expand throughout the state and the nation. All United Advocacy Group activities are free and open to all members of the public. These activities will change individual lives which will in turn influence the overall well-being of the community.