About the Family Strengthening Network

Strengthening the family to thrive amidst life's challenges

Mission statement

To empower families to achieve their dreams and be successful in all areas of life by working one-on-one with trained family advocates; and by utilizing local resources and communities to develop families through support, education, and family-focused activities. 

vision statement

The Family Strengthening Network aims to improve the family unit as a whole, thus improving the quality of life of all family members. FSN empowers families in the following targeted areas: financial, employment, health & wellness, academic excellence, service-learning, and healthy relationships. 

Service method

FSN trains Family Advocates, who are trained to coach families to self-identify their needs and empower them to successfully achieve their goals. Family Advocates are dedicated to walking alongside families, thinking outside the box for solutions, and providing tools and services which families use in reaching their goals.

  • Ongoing Support
  • Resources
  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • Encouragement
  • Creative Solutions
  • Accountability

Family Advocates operate within churches, schools, community centers, workplaces, and other locations. This enables the Family Advocate to seamlessly establish rapport with families and connect them to supports within their existing community. 

Major Accomplishments to Date 

The Family Strengthening Network began in 2012 with five formal partnerships housing Family Advocates. The Family Strengthening Network today has Family Advocates in 22 locations, serving thousands annually. In the year 2015 alone:

  • 56 families reduced their overall debt
  • 138 families participated in a small group to improve familial relationships
  • 36 established an emergency savings fund
  • 31 individuals secured employment or promotion
  • 14 found new housing to accommodate their family
  • 19 received health insurance



Rachael Bill, Project Contact


Website: www.familystrengtheningnetwork.org