About Unidos para la Familia

Partnering with families to achieve their goals

Mission Statement

To strengthen the immigrant, working-class population by providing training and support to parents to promote child wellbeing and stronger families through financial stability, improved resident status and the development of community leaders.

Vision Statement

Unidos para la Familia will work together with the families they serve to strengthen the whole family and in doing so will open doors for better jobs, home ownership, community gardens and a strong community that is developed to organically respond to their needs and the needs of those around them.


Over the last ten years, the Hispanic population has increased by nearly 110% in Bridgeton.  Through the collaborative effort of committed non-profit organizations, the Unidos is working to provide holistic, family-strengthening services targeting members of the immigrant population, but open to the entire community, and based on needs and goals they help identify.  Some needs that were initially identified through community input and statistical analysis were: conversational ESL classes, parenting instruction, educational advocacy, citizenship, general awareness of rights and obligations for living in the US, and GED and soft skills training for initial and better employment.  Based on these finding, specific services have been designed to help individuals enhance life skills to obtain a new job or promotion, to properly advocate for and participate in the education of their children, to support parents in developing strategies for the care of their children and to train community leaders.  Unidos provides advocacy for individuals and their families who need help with setting and meeting their individualized goals and will provide partner churches with the opportunity to help meet the needs identified by families and advocate(s).  As families are strengthened and community leadership develops, community needs, such as healthier eating and overcrowded homes, are being addressed through innovative, community-driven solutions.

program description

Unidos meets the basic needs of the immigrant, working-class population in Cumberland County and beyond by providing various services targeted towards opening doors for individuals and their families to succeed.  These services include:

  • HSE Classes are offered in Spanish to help individuals understand the material on the HSE test in order to pass that test and reach their goal of obtaining their diploma.  Family Advocates work with students and their families to plan the next goals they have once the diploma is received.

  • Conversational ESL classes are provided for all levels of understanding to help individuals and their families to better understand English to help them with their goals of increased family communication, increased participation in school, increased participation in the community, better opportunities for job promotion and advancement and much more.

  • Citizenship tutoring is available for individuals interested in becoming US Citizens.  Tutors work with students to help them master the various questions on their citizenship test and attain a level of comfort with English to succeed in their interview.  Our citizenship students work with family advocates to plan their ongoing goals for themselves and their families with the doors that are opened by becoming a citizen.

  • Family advocates coach families to self-identify their needs and empower them to successfully achieve their goals. Family Advocates are dedicated to walking alongside families, thinking outside the box for solutions, and providing tools and services which families use in reaching their goals.  Family advocates provide service in the areas of finances, health and wellness, educational advocacy, parenting, healthy relationships and more.

  • Community engagement is one of our core values and all of our families are encouraged to give back to their community through various opportunities Unidos provides.  Unidos has built a playground in one of the local communities, started a community garden at a local school, helped families volunteer to provide meals for the homeless and served the community in various other ways throughout the year.

Strategic Objectives

  • Provide innovative solutions for families with housing needs to promote family stability and safety.

  • Provide opportunities for families to thrive by offering one day, summer-long and year-long opportunities to improve their health and wellness.

  • Provide the education and support necessary for families to improve their earning potential and improve their interpersonal relationships through increased engagement.

Major accomplishments to date

  • 15 students have received their HS diploma.

  • 8 individuals have become US citizens.

  • Over 100 families have reached a goal in the last year.


“I would like for everyone (in leadership) in the state, and even the federal government, to receive letters informing them of the achievements that we have made to improve our lives through these studies. There should be more help for families to open some basic training for careers so that our community can succeed. Because, personally, I am seeing so many people who are seeking to improve the lives of their families and seeking to be an example to citizens in this country.”
— HSE Program Graduate and Unidos Volunteer


Jonathan Cummings, Program Director


Website: www.unidosparalafamilia.com